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London Launch of International Association of Boutique Law Firms (IABLF) was highly praised

December 10th, 2014
Bucharest, Romania
Created in May this year, the association’s official launching took place in London, on November 28th, at The Law Society of England and Wales.
IABLF Launch and “Promoting International Entrepreneurship” Networking Event took place in a traditionally illustrious venue – The Law Society of England and Wales, formed in 1825, symbol of a high professional standard. Even more, Mr. Andrew Caplen, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, opened the event with a heartfelt welcoming speech, showing his great support to our organization.
The event was a great opportunity to embrace a constructive business atmosphere among local dignitaries, local British businessmen, IABLF members and potential members and other entrepreneurs interested. Almost all members were also present, coming from countries all around the world: Bulgaria - Radev & Co.; Dubai - Emirates Legal; Israel - Sharon Raviv & Co.; Romania – Ghica Boutique Law Firm; South Africa - Kampel Kaufmann Attorneys; United Kingdom - Boddy Matthews Solicitors.
“We have made significant strides in getting to know each other and establishing new objectives and opportunities in the near future. Our first event significantly helped us realize that we have many more common grounds than we initially thought and more benefits than predicted, due to the fact that we are all part of IABLF. And our work with the current and potential members brought about new directions to be put in practice”, said Cristina Ghica, IABLF President & Founder. She continued: “The London event stimulated face to face talks about legal and business issues from international systems of law and facilitated international dialogue in order to actively strengthen the common interests of IABLF through sustainable projects which support the interests of clients and business partners. We are greatly thankful for all the support and interest!”
IABLF values are audacious and strong 
  • Sustaining the clients’ needs: IABLF members offer specialization in different legal systems, so needed for business expansion,
  • Supporting the clients’ business development: IABLF members recommend and sustain their clients’ affairs to other IABLF members, all over the world,
  • Boosting business networking: IABLF enables professional meetings with local trade communities, also interested in growing their business.
Thank you to our sponsors, members and participants!