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Cristina Ghica, Managing Partner of our company, embraces the challenge of an internationally acclaimed Global Executive MBA with IESE Business School Barcelona

September 15th, 2014
Bucharest, Romania
Business lawyer with over 12 years of experience in Romanian law practice, EU and international law, Cristina Ghica is happy to announce that she was admitted on the Global Executive MBA Program, Americas Track, Class of 2016, which will begin in February 2015.

Classified as the 2nd MBA Program, IESE Business School was also ranked as the third in Europe for Global Executive Education by Financial Times in 2014. IESE Business School is one of Europe's oldest management education institutions (founded in 1958) and has two first-rate campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, a center in New York City and offices in Munich and São Paulo.

With MBA, Global Executive MBA and Executive Education programs worldwide – in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Africa – IESE is among the most internationally minded business schools. The faculty members, who have hands-on experience in diverse geographic locations, combine practical knowledge with innovative thinking about today’s business problems.

The Global Executive MBA Program that Cristina Ghica will study is an exquisite and exclusive program designed annually for only 70 persons on two tracks - Europe and Americas and represents a powerful learning opportunity that will give her state-of-the-art management thinking and a close-up view of business contexts in Asia, Europe and the Americas. In a stimulating, collaborative setting, she will learn with other accomplished participants, seasoned professionals in their fields, who will share their experiences and insights on residential courses organized in the major business hubs in the world in a complex business environment, through company visits, meetings with executives, special projects, cultural activities and get-togethers with local citizens, correlate with the setting.

Exciting times lay ahead Ghica Boutique Law Firm and Cristina’s career, as she explains: “I have always believed in my goals, the admission and graduation with an EMBA within one of the best business schools worldwide being one of my long-life ambitions. Since I have always had a thirst for knowledge and a never-dying desire to innovate and to bring new visions in the community, I have realized that I need to broaden my experience with functional and technical expertise into a global managerial view, in order to “Be a yardstick of quality”. “Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected” as Steve Jobs said. For me, excellence is not only a desire. It is a target. Therefore, I firmly consider that IESE Global EMBA program will help me reach the top of the ladder in my profession as an international business lawyer and not only.”