Apple’s educational ‘Today at Apple’ classes are launching on YouTube with a Peanuts-themed session

Apple is bringing its educational “Today at Apple” classes to YouTube, the company announced Wednesday. The first episode will show you how to draw yourself as a Peanuts character in the company’s Pages app.

The session features two people who work on the Apple TV Plus show The Snoopy Show — showrunner Mark Evestaff and storyboard artist Krista Porter — and it’s hosted by an Apple Store employee named Anthony. I’ve watched the nearly 10-minute episode, and it’s a pretty easy guide to follow about turning yourself into a Peanuts cartoon. Unsurprisingly, it’s packed with Apple technologies; Anthony and Porter draw on iPads using Apple Pencils, and they’re collaborating in the same Pages document.

Apple first announced the “Today at Apple” program in 2017 as a community-focused feature of its larger retail makeover. But the company has had to move some sessions online due to the pandemic, which forced Apple to close down many of its US retail stores. Although all 270 US stores reopened in March for the first time since the pandemic began, this new YouTube series signals that Apple is still working to build ways to educate its customers without requiring them to step inside a physical store.