Skydivers complete 32 high and low fives in the air for Guinness record

A pair of British skydiving instructors set a Guinness World Record when they managed to slap 32 high and low fives while plunging down to earth.

Emily Aucutt and Josh Carrat, instructors at Skydive Langer, jumped out of a plane at the Langar Airfield near Grantham, England, and set out to complete a minimum 30 high fives and low fives during their trip back to the ground.

The pair surpassed the goal set by Guinness and set the record at 32.

The attempt was sponsored by hand sanitizer manufacturer Carex, which posted video of the successful attempt to Facebook.

“The attempt was a lot more challenging than we had initially thought but we persevered and are so elated to have achieved this Guinness World Records title in partnership with Carex,” Aucutt told the Newark Advertiser.